Soulja Boy Arrested After Reportedly Violating Probation

  • Just In Soulja Boy has been arrested.

    Soulja Boy‘s rebound seems, by all accounts, to be in genuine peril. The trailblazing rapper has allegedly been captured and taken into police authority, according to TMZ. Evidently, Young Drako was captured after a visit to his post trial agent, where the rapper later was seen being removed in cuffs. After a lady asserted Soulja Boy held her prisoner in his carport, police looked through his chateau in Feburary, where they discovered ammo in his ownership. Sadly for Soulja, the judge had entirely denied any type of weaponry.


    Specialists continued to lie in pause, realizing that Soulja was set to visit his probation officer, and continued to make the capture. Starting at now, Soulja Boy is as of now in a Van Nuys correctional facility, where he anticipates a court arrangement later today. By and by, a rapper has been spooky by their trial period, and many have just started battling with the #FreeSoulja development. We can dare to dream that Young Drako will rise up out of the circumstance unflinching, and the rebound can recommence in like manner.